COVID-19 Mediators

Volunteering to support frontline workers in Ireland with conflict conversations, during the crisis

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    COVID-19 Outbreak

    The Covid 19 crisis is placing an exceptional demand on our frontline workers and first responders. Added to this is the emotional and psychological stress of working in a high risk, pandemic environment. At home, the constraints of lockdown, can create further strain and pressure for staff and their families, in their personal lives.

    Shouldering the burden of this overwhelming task can take a heavy toll on personal and/or workplace relationships. Exhaustion and burnout leave us less resilient for navigating difficult conversations with either colleagues or loved ones. Additional stress makes us more irritable and less tolerant of others, increasing the likelihood of arguments and conflict occuring. Getting some support to resolve or patch things up before they get worse, can be very helpful.

    We are there to help.

    We are offering a​ free, confidential​,​ informal​ service to, support frontline workers to navigate and manage conflict in their home or working lives during the COVID-19 crisis.

    Our Services

    • Frontline Workers

      Designed to help frontline workers to deal with difficult conflict situations and conversations with their families, colleagues or others

    • Support

      Provide mediated conversations with both/all parties or one-on-one conflict coaching supports to individuals

    • Delivery

      Delivered online via Skype/Zoom or by phone

    • How We Can Help

      Intended to provide short-term strategies and agreements for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis which parties may wish to revisit through normal channels when time permits

    • Professional

      Delivered by professional and accredited mediators

    • Area Coverage

      Provided nationwide

    • Charges

      Confidential and free of charge


    Contact Us

    If you are a Mediator, and would like to volunteer your services, please contact us at and we will be in contact with you shortly.

    All COVID-19 Mediators are members of the Mediators’ Institute of
    Ireland (MII)

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